Working At Heights

Working at Heights

Working at heights means to work in a place where a person could fall some distance which would be likely to cause personal injury. You are working at height if you work above ground/floor level, could fall from an edge, or could fall through an opening. This working at height training course covers the basics of safety around the use of fall arrest equipment and working at height and is designed to prevent falls in the workplace, as well as ensuring the safety of people working in areas such as roof works, scaffolding, ladders etc. The training requirement is for workers who use any of the following methods of fall protection:

    • travel restraint systems
    • fall restricting systems
    • fall arrest systems
    • safety nets
    • safety belts
    • work belts

The course covers the following:

Legislation & Regulations around working at height

Education on the dangers of working at heights and how to avoid hazards and prevent accidents

Promotion of a safe workplace by identifying the importance of safe working at heights

Equip workers with the proper theory and practical working at heights training

Fully understand the principles of fall arrest and work restraint

Personal fall protection equipment

Barriers, guardrails and safety nets