Safety Harnesses

Safety Harnesses

It is a legal requirement that anyone who is using harnesses has received appropriate training. When your Personal Fall Protection Equipment (PFPE) is inspected it will keep you safe. This is something that you cannot take any chances with and having the right knowledge and skills for the task is essential – both for your sake and those working with you. This course is aimed at those who are working at heights and using safety harnesses. Potentially this could be maintenance, manufacturing or factory workers who are working at height and suitable anchorage points are already in place. Managers, business owners and purchasers of PPE may also find this course useful.

Understand the importance of inspections

Wearing a safety harness

Care of Safety Harnesses

Storage of Safety Harnesses

Correct use of Safety Harnesses and lanyards

Safe connection to anchorage points

Identifying common faults and damage

Self-rescue and rescue procedures