Manual Handling in Construction

Manual Handling in Construction

In construction projects, lifting and handling heavy loads is a widespread practice, but so are workplace injuries caused when conducting manual handling work. The Regulations lay out duties for both employees and employers. They give a general requirement that employees must be trained to manually handle correctly including the use of any equipment their employer provides to handle loads safely. Employers have a legal duty to lower the risk of workplace hazards, such as manual handling, to an acceptable level. This includes providing adequate training to employees to ensure they understand the risks and how to protect themselves and others from injury.

This course provides clients with an awareness of the hazard of manual handling as it applies to the construction sector and supports compliance with the relevant manual handling legislation. It looks at the risks involved and key principles for preventing accidents
and ill health.

Learn about the hazards of manual handling in construction

Gain awareness of worker safety and how to minimise risk of accident or injury when manual handling

Understand manual handling to prevent accident or injury

Comprehensive and concise explanations

The latest industry best practice

Certificate on completion