Induction Training

Induction Training

The construction industry involves people working in a dynamic and ever-changing environment. Hazards and risks change frequently on a site as construction work progresses and as workers move from project to project. A large majority of the industry’s workforce is employed by sub-contractors who undertake work on many different sites managed by different contractors, and often within different sectors of the industry. Induction training is a welcoming and introduction phase that allows new employees adjust to their jobs and become familiar with their work environment and the people around them.  General induction training aims to provide persons new to the construction industry with a basic knowledge of legislative requirements, principles of risk management and the prevention of injury and illness in the construction industry.

Employees are trained in the following areas:

A basic knowledge of requirements under construction laws

The common hazards and risks likely to be encountered on construction sites and how these risks should be controlled

Information and instruction on a particular construction site with a knowledge of the contractor’s rules and procedures for site safety, emergency management, the supervisory and reporting arrangements and other site-specific issues

Task-specific induction provides information and instruction to anyone undertaking a particular construction activity of the risk factors and control measures relating to that task

Work records they must maintain

Operating rules and procedures

Terms and conditions of employment

Tour of the site

Company policies and schemes, eg health insurance