Abrasive Wheels

Abrasive Wheels

On the 1st of July 2016, the law in Ireland regarding abrasive wheels changed. It is now necessary for an employer to authorise an employee in writing to use the abrasive wheel and that authorisation must be added to the Safety Statement. There are a wide range of tools and processes that use abrasive wheels, from hand grinding to disc cutting and ensuring these are used correctly and safely is of paramount importance. Different wheels will have different properties and characteristics suitable for particular tasks. They also have different weaknesses and can pose different risks and hazards in handling and use.

This course is aimed at anyone who uses abrasive wheels, or who employs people who use abrasive wheels as part of their work. It also provides an understanding of abrasive wheels instructing delegates in all aspects of the correct mounting, setting and use of abrasive wheels.

Construction Site Safety Awareness

Health and Safety Legislation

Abrasive Wheel Selection

Wheel Storage

Wheel types and markings

Abrasive Wheel Selection – Testing and mounting of new wheel

Cleaning, inspection, labelling, recording and storing

Create awareness of the hazards associated with working with abrasive wheels.

Provide advice and recommendations on making sure that your use of abrasive wheels is as safe as it can be